Marketing Automation Services

We provide lead generation services, email outreach campaigns, drip e-mail campaigns and chatbots that are 100% effective for developing interest and moving your leads down the sales funnel.

We’ll help create engaging content and landing pages that will capture interested  on your website and through social media. 

We’ll build tailored campaigns and optimize them with real-time data for better engagement all from one CRM & Support System. Make it easy to manage your leads and clients through chat, email automation, and support.

Marketing automation services

Automate the Customer Journey

From the moment a customer shows interest, we'll be able to automate the whole marketing campaign to bring the lead to conversion. We'll sequence the customer journey and make it easy for you to manage everything from one CRM & Marketing Automation system.

E-mail Marketing

Analyze open, click, and conversion rates to optimize campaigns and celebrate your success.

Ultimate CRM

We'll setup your CRM or optimize your existing one with the latest automation techniques.

Automate E-mails

Send automated customized emails over a period of time to keep them interested.

Industry Magazines

Have Industry Magazines create buzz around your products and services.

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    We are experts in driving brand awareness and leads.


    We provide competitor and audience research, design and edit the graphics / videos, create engaging text, work with your team on upcoming announcements or B2B collaborations, and research hashtags. We also monitor social media analytics to make updates to your strategies.

    Complete social media management and creation of 12 posts/month (includes ads) on 4 social media networks runs around $1,500 USD. 

    For social media advertising management there is an add-on of $700 USD per social network.

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    We provide consultation services via Zoom meeting.  Our rate is $95 USD / hour and we provide 3 hour blocks ($285 total).

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    To grow your social media pages requires time to engage with people within the B2B community. There is no automation – it is all organic real engagement.

    A minimum of 10 hours should be spent per week on growing each social media followers and engaging with your audience per social network platform. 

    Cost per hour $95 USD. Total of 40 hours per month: $3,800  USD

    Once we determine your target audience we can determine which social media platform would be best to reach your audience.

    We recommend a starting budget of $1000 USD / month for social media ads on LinkedIn.

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      Download Website Heatmap Guide